Textile Industry

Fire and explosion protection for
the textile industry

The textile industry produces various products out of different natural and artificial fibres. It does not only belong to the oldest, but also to the most important branches of industry. However, the production of cloth holds many risks of fire. Sparks, glowing embers or overheated particles can be generated along the entire production chain and easily cause fire and dust explosions.


  • Bale opener
  • Mixer
  • Blow room & carding
  • Rotary filter
  • Bale Press
  • Compactor
  • Blender
  • Cleaner


Risks of the textile industry

Overheating, mechanical damages or foreign bodies can be the cause of sparks and glowing embers. If sparks are generated within a machine, they can cause great damage by fire on the spot. Most of the machines being linked with each other by extraction systems, there is a high risk that fire spreads out into other production areas.

At the beginning of the spinning process, cotton is processed in the blow room where sparks may occur in all sections. Spark detectors in selected positions (see A. in flow sheet), identify sparks before a fire or explosion may occur. The spark detection system can initiate the diversion and/or stopping of the process.

Consequences of fire and explosions

A fire or explosion can have serious consequences for your company:

  • Injury and loss of human life
  • Damage to machines, transport facilities and storage space
  • Production interruptions
  • Loss of income
  • Repair costs owing to damaged machines
  • Replacement costs owing to destroyed machines
  • Loss of raw materials

The right solution for your production

To protect your production, your staff and your machines against fire and explosions, GreCon offers you…

  • A fast, reliable spark detection, diversion and extinguishing system
  • The detection of sparks and glowing particles in the areas at risk
  • The immediate automatic diversion of sparks and glowing particles out of the conveying system or CO2 extinguishment in the machines
  • A record exactly to the millisecond so as to identify the causes of problems


textile industry

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