Electromagnetic Metal Detector Will be fixed in the Pneumatic Conveying Pipes where Materials are transported from One Machine to next Machine in Required Places with Strong Support either from the Floor or from Ceiling. It comes along with user friendly Navigation Display Control Panel.

After Particular Distance, Diverting Damper will be fixed in the same Pipe Line with Collection Box fitted.

Metal Pieces or even Metal Powder travelling along with Raw material will be detected by This Metal Detector based on Electromagnetic Principle , Metal Detection Indication will be triggered and Simultaneously Detected Metal will be Diverted by Diverting Damper – further will be settled down in the Collection Box.

Special Features :

Since, it is having Special Feature "POSITIVE SPEED SENSE" – Diverter Shutter movement ( Returning to Original position) is Synchronized to the Metal size and its velocity . i.e., Shutter Returning Time will be Adjusted / Delayed Automatically for the Big Size Metals. Hence 100% Metal Removal is Ensured.

Advantages :

  • German Technology - World's Highest Sensitivity Metal Detector
  • Detect Even from Metallic Powder, even though its embedded with bulk quantity of cotton.
  • Detects both Ferrous and Non Ferrous.
  • The Special Unique Feature "POSITIVE SPEED SENSE" as mentioned above, Hence 100% Metal Removal is Ensured.
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