It uses high sensitive German based Grecon infrared Day Light spark Detector to detect spark at earlier stage. Subsequently it also generate alarm to indicate the special fire scenario and parallely it shut down all the machinery system. More over the system also quenches the fire with the combination of compressed air and Pressurised water (through special type of nozzles) on the bales which are laid down. It is also specially designed to avoid frequent false alarm due to external lights and sunlight by using the special type day light spark detector.

The resulting fire of the full length cotton bed is controlled quickly & efficiently by Sri Lakshmi GreCon Extinguisher – Avoids loss of property.

Suitable for All kind of bale Openers viz.,Truetzschler Blendomat, Rieter Unifloc, LMW Bale Plucker, Circular Bale Openers etc.,

Advantages :

  • German Technology - World's Highest Sensitivity Spark Detector
  • Use very special type Day Light spark Detector which will give response only to real spark or fire not for out side external lights / Hence Absolutely No False Alarm.
  • Detect both running Hot Particle and Spark ,Hence extra Safety.
  • 200 times more sensitive than any other Spark detector.
  • Detection Size of Spark In nanometers.
  • Recognition Of Spark embedded in cotton.
  • Unfailing Spark Detection in situation of detector covered with particles / Objects.
  • Periodic ( Every 4 Hrs) Self-assessment feature to check Detector activeness , Wire connection etc.,
  • Special type SS Nozzle for Higher Coverage Area
  • Fastest Reaction Time – 50 Milli Seconds
  • Certified Less Weight Reservoirs with Higher volumetric capacity
  • No Cleaning and No Maintenance
  • No fear of Wax Deposition, Oil etc.,

All these features make Sri Lakshmi GreCon Spark Detection System 100% safe to avert severe accidents (Catastrophic).

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