High Sensitive Infra Red Spark Detector Will be fixed in the Pneumatic Pipeline Through which Materials are transferred from One Machine to Another Machine in Required Places.

After Particular Distance, Diverting Damper will be fixed in the same Pipe Line. Diverted output will be connected to a Suction Blower the output of the suction blower will be connected to the Quenching Tank filled with water.

Our Spark detector will detect the spark even before 3 meters of detectors location. It never gives a room for a spark to travel across our detecting zone. So when there is no space for a spark, it is obvious that it provides a fire free environment for production. Spark Detection Indication will be triggered along with an Alarm and Simultaneously Detected materials will be diverted by The Diverting Damper – further Pulled out by Suction Motor and will be sent to The Quenching Tank. Machinery will be Shut Down.

All Actions will take place simultaneously in 50 Milliseconds!

Optional Features :

  • Control Panel with HMI Display and Data Retrieval Feature
  • Auto Test provision from the Control Panel and Thro Mobile Phone
  • Fire Blocking System
  • Fire Extinguishment System
    • Quenching Media
      • Pressurized Water
      • Dry Chemical Powder
      • Co2 etc.,
  • SMS provision system along with location details

Advantages :

  • German Technology - World's Highest Sensitivity Spark Detector
  • 200 times more sensitive than any other Spark detector.
  • Detection Size of Spark In nanometers.
  • Longest Distance coverage – In Pipe Line Before 3 mtrs from the Detector Location.
  • Recognition Of Spark embedded in cotton.
  • Unfailing Spark Detection in situation of detector covered with particles / Objects.
  • Periodic ( Every 4 Hrs) Self-assessment feature to check Detector activeness , Wire connection etc.,
  • Fastest Reaction Time – 50 Milli Seconds
  • No Cleaning and No Maintenance
  • No fear of Wax Deposition, Oil etc.,

All these features make Sri Lakshmi GreCon Spark Detection System 100% safe to avert severe accidents (Catastrophic).

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