German based World's Best Technology, Aspirating type smoke detector which is designed with Innovative successful Combination of High Power Light Source ( HPLS ) and LOGICSENS Fire pattern . Because of this, it will sense Real Burning materials smoke only. Hence, absolutely No False Alarm for Micro Dusts etc....

Our smoke detector is installed outside the premises of the warehouse or go down and hence no requirement of power supply inside the godown or warehouse.

We need to fix FRLS pipes throughout the godown / room area just 1 feet above the maximum height of storage. The FRLS pipelines need to have Air sampling holes with covered clips at frequent intervals till the pipeline reaches the smoke detector. Number of pipes will depend upon the total area of the godown / room.

Other necessary devices like Air filters, 3 way ball valve, return valve etc will be provided in the pipe line before the pipe reaching the smoke detector. At the end of the pipelines we need to fix the smoke detector out of the Godown .Air will be continually sucked from the room through Air sampling holes for parental information storage. If any smoke incident happens in any corner of the Godown. It will be compared with the parental storage by the change in the intensity of light in a very accurate level.

In that situation smoke will be immediately sensed and multiple level alarms will be executed. The device is designed with special LOGICSENS Fire pattern technology and hence it will detect only real smoke scenario and it will not execute any false alarms. Thus we can ensure high safety for materials stored in the godown in a smoke free / fire free environment.

Areas of applications :

  • Cotton Godowns
  • Stock and Inventory Warehouses
  • Highly sensitive inaccessible areas
  • Cable ducts
  • Server Rooms etc.,
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